2010 15U Nationals in Calgary

by Cammi
(Ontario, Canada)

My team with Rick Hansen

My team with Rick Hansen

Yes I have a neat story about volleyball!! Last year I went to Canadian Nationals West in Calgary, Alberta with my team. We were there for 5 days and we played well coming in 5th in Tier 1. One great moment while we were there was meeting Rick Hansen. Rick Hansen is a famous Canadian Paralympian and is an activist for people with spinal cord injuries. He's also been involved with the sport of volleyball for over 20 years and was there coaching his daughter's team. My coach approached him to say hello and asked if he would give our team a little inspirational speech as we were have a bit of a tough day on the courts. He said a lot of really great things like "just go out there and play without being afraid" and to "play without holding back" etc... Anyway it was really neat. We ended up playing his team next. Guess what? We beat them!!! While we were shaking hands with his team after the game, he said to my head coach that maybe his speech to us was too inspirational!! LOL! Too funny!!

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