My True Love


When I was in 4th grade, my older sister tried out for the school volleyball team and made it.  I had to go to every SINGLE one of her games and I decided that I absolutely hated it.  Whenever my Dad and sister would go out in the yard, I would sit inside and pout that they wouldn't play something I liked.

Well, my mom got tired of it and sent me outside just so I wouldn't be a lazy bum in the house anymore. I cannot thank my Mom enough for doing what she did that day.  I found my one true love.  I found out that I was actually okay at it,  So I started playing on a Rec. team for a couple of years.  In 6th grade I tried out for my first club team, and I made it.  I loved the tournaments, loved the drive and the same passion from every girl on the team that I had, and I ESPECIALLY loved my coach.  Although I'm not playing for her anymore, she
inspired me in more ways than I can ever explain.

I broke my ankle in 2 places barely half way through the season.  I went up to hit, and then landed right on a volleyball and snap.  it healed, but after the season ended.  I tried out for my school team and I made it, but almost quit. The girls on my team had no passion, no heart, and no sense of dignity.

Parents wrote letters to the A.D. complaining that I got way too much playing time and it was only because my dad helped out.  They hated me and I came home several times bawling my eyes out.  But, I pulled through and we ended up winning the division championship.  I tried out for the same club team as I did last year and I was sure that I had made it until I got the email telling me I didn't.  I was devastated.  That's when I found out how club really worked.  95% of the people on the team were already selected weeks before tryouts began and only 3 or 4 girls were actually picked from the tryouts.  Before the tournaments started though I got a call offering me a position on a team.  I accepted and we came 3rd in Regionals.

In 8th grade despite my problems in 7th, I tried out again for the school team and again I made it.  Problems happened again, but not nearly as bad as the year before.  We won the championships again,  2 years in a row.

I am playing club again this year, and loving every minute of it.  I am never able to forget the day my Mom sent her bratty, pouty, 4th grader out to play a game she hated, and then found out that it was her true love.  Thank you Mom for the support and the hugs, and holding me while I cried.  Thank you Dad for the endless hours of working out in the yard.  Thanks to my coaches who taught me more than I could ever imagine, and for caring about me.  Thanks to my sister who pushed me and nagged me, and made me great.  I love all of you so much and my gratitude is endless.

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