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Hello! Welcome and thanks for visiting Volleyball Court Central! My name is Julie and I LOVE VOLLEYBALL. I am so crazy about the world of volleyball that I decided to create an informational website for people who love the sport too!

I love everything about this sport. I love the excitement of it, the speed of it, the athleticism and power of the athletes playing it. It is just so exciting to watch a good game of volleyball whether it is beach volleyball or indoor volleyball.

Like most kids, I was first introduced to this sport when I was in elementary school, and I remember always really enjoying it.

Since then the rules of the game have changed quite a bit. The rule changes have sped up the game and have made it a much faster, exciting and challenging game.

I played volleyball again in high school, and loved it. The sport at that time (1980's) did not have huge popularity - here in Canada anyway. Now in 2011 the game has really caught on and is more popular than ever!! This makes me so happy!!

My Love for this game

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My love for the game returned again when my daughter who was 9 years old at the time wanted to play club volleyball. I took her to the tryouts and she made the team! This was so exciting! I was so thrilled for her!

She quickly learned to love the sport as much as I do. That first year I became the parent representative for the team. I helped manage the team and helped keep the parents of the team informed and organized.

That was it! I was "hooked" again!

youth playing volleyball picture

That summer I took my Level 1 Coaching Certification because I wanted to get more involved. I became an assistant coach the following 3 years after that and it was fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of coaching. For me it was a wonderful way to give back to the community, and spend quality time with my daughter. A BIG bonus!

Each weekI looked forward to every practice and tournament. I so enjoyed watching the girls learn and excel at the skills they were being taught. Just seeing their faces when they accomplished a new skill was awesome!

Yes there were tears and frustration here and there, but that goes with the territory (especially with young girls!! LOL!). Mostly though we shared a lot of really great times together as a team.

Volleyball is an Amazing Sport for Youth!

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This game is an amazing sport for young people to play because it takes the whole team playing together to be successful. The team must play together. One player can not do it all themselves, as can be done in some other sports.

So as a tribute to my passion for this sport I decided to create this website. My goal is to provide my visitors with good content and information about this awesome sport!!

Volleyball is a sport that takes years to master. It really is an acquired taste. It can take a while to get it, but once you do, there's no turning back. You now have the VOLLEYBALL BUG, and you can't get enough of it!!

I really do hope you enjoy this website!

All the best,