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Indoor Volleyball

Indoor volleyball is truly the ultimate team sport.  A team's success depends of three people contacting the ball every time the ball is on their side of the court.  This can not be dominated by one player.  One player can not earn points for her team all by herself.  Good players always find ways to help out their teammates in order to be successful together. 

To be a good player you must learn and acquire the skills of the sport.  You need to become a student of the game.  It is important for the athlete to know the rules and the concepts of why you need to perform certain skills in certain ways.  Like why do thumbs need to be a certain ways when passing the ball?  Why do blockers need to keep their hands as high as they can all the time?  Repetition and experience will see that these concepts are understood.  With this the techniques learned and understood will be come instinctive with the athlete.

The best players know the game and they can play more than one position along the net and they can defend comfortably in the back row too.  The best players can "keep their head" in bad situations, and in crunch time they WANT the ball!

womens indoor volleyball picture

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female volleyball player passing a volleyball

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