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The rules of volleyball state that 12 players are needed on the court to play the game with 6 players on each side.

Usually beginners play each position they rotate to which helps them learn the game better. More advanced players move into specialized positions in the front and back rows after the first contact of the serve.

The Court Explained - Volleyball Rules

The volleyball court measures 30' x 60' with the net dividing the court in half. Each side measuring approx 30' x 30' or metrically 9m x 9m.

The court is defined by lines. They are named based on their function and position on the court.

  • Sidelines: 2 sidelines on each side of the court. They are perpendicular to the net and are 30' long.
  • Attack Lines: Also known as the 10' line or 3m line. These are used as guides for the players on the front or back court and are 10' away from the centerline on each side.
  • Baseline: Located at the end of the court on both sides.
  • Centerline: Divides the court in half and runs the width of the court under the net.

Volleyball Court Dimensions

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Areas on the court are identified by a numbering system 1 to 6. Players will rotate clockwise around the court when a rally is won and a point is scored.

  • Right Back is Position 1: Players serve when in this position and can serve anywhere along the baseline. The player must be careful not to step on or over the baseline before the ball is served.
  • Right Front is Position 2
  • Middle Front is Position 3
  • Left Front is Position 4
  • Left Back is Position 5
  • Middle Back is Position 6

Outside hitters play primarily in positions 4 and 5; left front and left back. These players specialize in only playing on the left side of the court.

Middle Hitters play in the middle of the court in positions 3 and 6; middle front and middle back.

Right Side players play on the right side of the court in positions 1 and 2; right front and right back.

When players specialize like this they learn to play one primary position in the front row and one in the back row.

Once contact is made on the serve, when their team is serving or after the ball is sent back over the net on serve receive, players switch to their specialized positions.

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