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This amazingly awesome sport has come a long long way over the past 100 or so years, and is enjoyed by millions people all over the world. Even though volleyball had a humble start in the United States, it really is astounding and incredible to see the great  success it has had worldwide.

Can you believe that globally around 800 million players take part in this sport once a week?

That's a pretty awesome statistic isn't it?

During the early years, the sport's biggest fault to its popularity was all the frequent rule changes. Coaches had a hard time teaching it because every few years the rules changed. A lot of changes in the early years were made with the ball size and the court size.

Initially, the number of players per side was determined by the space on the court, and back then the players did not rotate around the court either.

The rules and other volleyball information were first documented and published in 1897.   At that time the teams consisted of 4 players, and four innings made up a game. Back then the server used a bat to serve the ball, and if the serve hit the net it was considered a fault and the server was out. So you can see the game really has changed and evolved over time.

This sport has grown and developed world wide. It's strange, but even though the game's roots are in the United States, it is only recent that it is getting the popularity it has around the globe. Even more incredible is that among top participation sports volleyball ranks only behind soccer!

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